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Birthday Party for Laura/X-23

It's a pretty low-key party, all things considered, and not significantly different than the one Parker or Meg would have thrown in a dorm room for a friend at home, not-exactly-traditional menu not withstanding.

There's music, low enough to talk over (and maybe with a little more folk in the mix than one expects to find a party). Balloons and streamers in purple and blue and red. A place to leave presents. People to meet or catch up with.

And, most importantly, a chance to wish X-23 (or Laura) a very happy birthday.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:17 am (UTC)
Re: Presents!
Medusa's present has been wrapped in a large sheet of red linen. There is a note, folded and slipped and slipped under the black cord that binds it all together.

The present itself is a long jacket made from woven goat-hair, with sturdy ties instead of buttons. The outside is black, with black embroidery all over to make it quilted. The inside of the jacket is colourful; yellows, reds, greens and blues in strips, all with strips of black between them. On the colours, the embroidery is easier to see: patterns, symbols both Amazigh and Medusa's own.

The note says:


I hope you like this, and find it useful. I've made it to fit, so if it doesn't, bring it back and I will fix it. I have no idea if my magic would work in your world, but the symbols are of protection and good luck. The jacket can also be worn with either side showing.

And happy birthday, from Medusa